Perplexing Pegasus

Ever wondered what you could do on a free afternoon in Addis Ababa besides the same repetitive activities? You would probably go to the same restaurant, order the same dish, frequent the same bar, and indulge in some afternoon banter with friends. But what if you could break away from the typical itinerary and get a little loose?

The greater Bole area has some of the cities trendiest bars, cafes, and restaurants, but it seems as if many people are unaware of the “hidden gems” many of these establishments offer. I hope this post unveils what could be your ideal evening!

Whenever I contemplate a plan of action for my personal day there is one place that clears my mind and opens the door to endless opportunities. Located just off the bustling artery of the city is the Boston Day Spa, Addis Ababa’s all-in-one, full-service luxury spa that offers the finest body treatments and hair stylings. With a diverse range of services, visitors are known to fill the hair salon, manicure & pedicure stations, and the sought-after massage therapy rooms where you are sure to leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Boston Day Spa does not only open the door to world-class pampering, but an apothecary of the Addis’ finest drinks. Black Rose & The Vault each have their own unique style of design, ambiance, and selection of music. The Vault provides lifestyle enthusiasts a metallic, rustic penthouse to escape the havoc of the city below. With a selection of coveted cocktails, The Vault can tingle the taste buds and interests of drinkers and non-drinkers alike. And their daily happy hour specials are known to stir up a party on the weekends!

Be sure to check in next time when I go over some of Addis Ababa’s best eateries and cafes! Thanks for reading…