The Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village will be Ethiopia's premium outlet shopping center, featuring over 100 exciting brand name stores in one location. The Village truly features something for everyone, ranging from high-end luxury stores to family-friendly children's clothing stores.

Furthermore, in mid-2018 the Kuriftu Water Park, East Africa's largest water amusement park, will open adjacent to the village to create an ideal tourist destination.

Major Metropolitan Areas
     Addis Ababa 52km
   Adama       51km

Nearest Airport
     Bole International Airport (ADD)

Property Type
     Cultural Outlet Center

     Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bishoftu

     Gross Area  37,000sqm
     Lease Area 4,200sqm

Special Features
     Kuriftu Water Park
     Beer & Wine Hall
     Resort Access

Services & Amenities
     Accessible Parking
     Art Installations
     Banking Center & ATM's
     Guest Services

Opening Date
     ~ January 2018



Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village

Our mission is to provide an exhilarating space where guests can socially engage with Ethiopian crafts & activities in a comfortable, safe environment. By doing so we hope to become the leader in promoting Ethiopian products worldwide, by aligning ourselves with the nation’s changing history. The Village will truly be a “one-stop” destination to find the champion products of Ethiopia.

The KECV is designed with the country’s rich history in mind. Using contemporary features, we have used traditional thatched roofing methods, as well as, landscaping to capture the essence of Ethiopia. The shops will consist of glass and wood facades to maximize visibility and accessibility. Our shops vary in size, ranging from 20sqm, 40sqm, 50sqm, 100sqm, and 200sqm spaces.

spiral slide -1.jpg

Kuriftu Water Park

Opening in 2018, the Kuriftu Water Park, to be built in Bishoftu, will add value to Ethiopia’s growing hospitality industry and the creation of a unique demand generator within one hour of Addis Ababa.

The project will span over 30,000 square meters and feature a wide range of activities, such as, two water houses, a boomerang slide, a spiral slide, a wave pool, and performance center.


Kuriftu Gazebo

The Kuriftu Gazebo will be the heart of the Village where visitors will congregate to relax, drink and dine. Adjacent to the Kuriftu Water Park and food court, shoppers can have a break from shopping and relax in a comfortable setting.

We want to create a place where people would enjoy resting and each other’s company. There are lots of places in Addis Ababa to dine and drink beer, but there are a few places to just have a “bite” and enjoy an exotic environment, which makes our concept fascinating.



Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bishoftu